What are the conditions for wholesale?

There is no minimum order quantity or amount. You can order as much as you want unless they are in stock.

How can we make wholesale order?

You can make your order through online site with your username and password.

How can we have wholesale link and membership details?

Once you fill the “B2B member” form you will receive details via e-mail.

Can everybody be reseller?

No sorry, if the store is selling any organic foodthan they couldn’t be a reseller. We also check the price avarage of the similar products if they are less than Kapbula branded products than they couldn’t be a reseller.

Are the conditions same for e-stores as well?

Minimum order requirement and margins are the same. However selling our goods on site such as amazon and e-bay is not permitted.

Is drop shipping or consignment available?

No sorry, these are not valid options to do business with us.

What is the margin for wholesale?

You can buy with 50% margin. If the products are on sale than the margin may vary.

Is there a recommended retail price?

You are required to sell the goods at the price we set. We stop supplying goods to businesses who deviate from our pre-determined prices.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact via info@kapbula.co.uk